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The national museums store

The national museum’s store

A destination in its own right.

If you are looking for a truly Icelandic experience, what better place is there than the National Museum? Its recently renovatedpremises, close to the University of Iceland, also hold the new and alluring museum store - a destination in its own right. The store has an air of culture and education about it. In its beautiful setting it offers handmade works of art by various artist.

The store, which was launched last year, has been well received by the public. Its most popular products are the museum's own production: souvenirs of great diversity, all closely linked to the museum's collections. There are some 35 pieces available, ranging from notebooks and T-shirts to more expensive products such as brass wine corks and jewelry. The line also includes around 50 new designs of postcards. The toys available in the store are quite interesting and mostly reproductions of vintage toys.

When talking of the cultural heritage of Icelanders, it is inevitable that the country's literature will be mentioned. Iceland has an astonishingly vast literature and literary culture for such a small country. From the Icelandic sagas - studied and admired worldwide - to a Nobel prize winner, Icelandic literature is internationally acclaimed. The National Museum's store has a vast and diverse selection of books that are all conncected to the Icelandic culture, heritage and language in some way.

The store is open during the Museum's opening times. 


Sudurgata 41
101 Reykjavík
tel. 530 2200