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A souvenir shop for all nationalities.

Located in the shopping mall Kringlan, Islandia’s ambition is to provide anything Icelandic the tourist might desire. But it is not solely a souvenir shop for visitors - locals also frequent the premises in search of gifts in form of splendid Icelandic artwork. From miniature Vikings to paintings by Icelandic artists, everything in the store is associated to Iceland in some way. The stock is constantly changing as Islandia seeks to fulfil their customers’ shifting needs.

During last season’s appraisal of everything national or native, the Icelandic woollen sweater – known and loved by every Icelander as lopapeysa – experienced a quite unexpected renaissance. Icelanders once again proudly sported this national garment in its new and hip shape. Islandia offers the traditional, ever popular lopapeysa along with new designs including close-fitted, buttoned sweaters and zipped and hooded versions. The store also offers fleecewear, light jackets and outerwear by Icelandic designers. T-shirts make up another line of clothing: emblazoned with Icelandic phrases or emblems in spangles or paint, these garments are equally popular with foreign visitors as the locals themselves.

Whether on the look out for traditional, small souvenirs or a beautiful work of art fit to adorn any home, Islandia will guide your way. 


Kringlan Shopping Mall
103 Reykjavík
Tel. 568 9960