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Geysir Center

Geysir Center

A great selection of souvenirs.

Buying memorabilia and postcards of Iceland for loved ones and friends at home can be stressful. It does not have to be, because one of the biggest souvenirs shop in Iceland offers a pleasant shopping atmosphere, and great selection of souvenirs and related products at bargain prices.

Among the unbeatable assortment of postcards and other classic souvenirs, there is also a collection of Icelandic woolen sweaters, hats, gloves and other accessorize made from the well-known Icelandic wool, which awakens a longing for the cold.

Besides all of this, you'll find many books, including magically beautiful photo collections, but also works form Icelandic authors in translation.

That's not even the half of it. From Icelandic jewelry, to handmade candles, to sheep and reindeer skins and little trolls, you'll find a fitting gift for everyone. The only disadvantage is that the classic excuse, "there was nothing but kitsch in the gift shop, and that's why I didn't get you anything", doesn't count anymore.

Be sure to ask for your Global Refund Tax Free Cheque when shopping because as a foreign visitor to Iceland you are entitled to a VAT refund up to 15% of the total amount spent. This along with reasonable prices will ensure that you will get the highest value for the money spent.


801 Selfoss
tel. 480 6800
fax 480 6801