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South Iceland

South Iceland

Geysir - Home of the Original Geyser

In this area, a pot of boiling water takes on new dimensions. For someone who has never seen a geyser, the sight is overwhelming. This landmark of Iceland is a spectacular natural phenomenon beyond description. Walking about this natural wonder, one experiences the intensity of the forces of nature. Even in the nighttime, the view of the bubbling hot springs is impressive.

Skálholt - Ancient Home of Iceland's Bishops

In the year 1000 A.D., Christianity became the state religion of Iceland. The first bishop was inaugurated in 1056. Skálholt is one of the most important places in the history of Iceland and deeply respected as well.

The South Coast - Discover Scenic South Iceland

The Ásahreppur district extends across the western portion of the Holt hillock area toward the river Þjórsá. It is inhabited by around 140 people, most of whom earn a living from agriculture and associated industry. Highway 1, running through the district, has comprised a bridge across the river Þjórsá ever since 1895.

The Westman Islands - Volcanic Wonders & Puffin Cliffs

There are places in Iceland that simply have to be experienced. The Westman Islands are one of those places by virtue of their natural beauty and by being historically and geologically one of Iceland's most distinctive destinations. The main island, Heimaey, may only be about 13 km2, but that small area contains enough magical scenery and birdlife to delight.