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North Iceland

North Iceland

Lake Mývatn - Experience the Magic of the Land

Lake Mývatn and its surrounding area is full of magnificent and unique natural wonders. In addition to the lake itself you will find a thriving bird life, including various duck species--22 species at most, along with volcanic phenomena such as pseudo-craters. Here, you'll also find the largest explosion crater in Europe and strange lava fields--the like of which you would expect to see on Mars.

Skagafjörður – North Iceland's Center for Outdoor Pursuits

Located in Northeast Iceland is the municipality of Skagafjörður, where you can find a wide variety of recreational opportunities. This is ideal environment to become acquainted with the small but sure-footed Icelandic horse or try river rafting, sea kayaking, bird watching or hiking. This area is also rich in history, and is a great place to learn about the country, its people and the way of life.