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Blue Lagoon Tours

Blue Lagoon - Icelandic Wellness at its Best

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit at the Blue Lagoon, a unique geothermal spa on the Reykjanes peninsula only a 40-minute drive or bus ride from Reykjavik. This must-see attraction is famous for the healing qualities of its silica mud and mineral-rich geothermal waters, which glow a radiant blue in stark contrast to the moon-like lava formations in the surrounding area. Why not indulge in an optional in-water massage during your visit? Other amenities at the Blue Lagoon include a center for skin treatments and CranioSacral Therapy, an exclusive lounge, an outdoor bar in the lagoon, a restaurant and café and a gift shop with the complete Blue Lagoon skin care line. 

Admission to the Blue Lagoon and any spa treatments or services enjoyed while there must be reserved in advance.

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